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WooCommerce Shipping Module

Shipping is an important part of your eCommerce business, yet its certainly not the first thing you think of when planning your new business. And why should it be?

Our WooCommerce plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate your website with our shipping platform, allowing customers to get accurate prices for the shipping of their goods, upfront. And with a click of a button, all their details will be added to our system, allowing you to rest peacefully at night, knowing your stock will arrive on time, every time.

Point your developer to the installation instructions below to get started, or email us at [Enable JavaScript to view email].

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation Instructions
    1. Prerequisites
    2. Disclaimer
    3. Setup
    4. Configuration
    5. Shipping Zones Configuration
  3. Usage Examples
    1. Shop Integration (Client)
    2. Admin Interfaces
  4. Automatically create Colliveries on payment


The installation of the plugin is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse, once installed the plugin will only need you to enter your username and password. By default the plugin uses our demo account so that you can test your new plugin before going live.
This plugin gives your WooCommerce store the ability to get prices from based on the dimensions and weight of the products added to your client’s cart. After the client paid, the plugin will send the details of the Collivery through to us, or allow you to do so manually in your backend, also allowing you to modify the particulars of the delivery before sending the delivery request to
Once the delivery is accepted, the delivery's details are saved in your database where you can access the delivery in order to track its status, display parcel images and proof of delivery. Your clients too have the ability to track the delivery but not to display parcel images or proof of delivery.

Installation Instructions


Prerequisites before installing our Extension:

Make sure before installing this plugin that you make a full SQL database backup and a full backup of all your files. If for some reason something goes wrong you will need this backup to get your website back to where it was before. Also please note before updating your Wordpress or Woocommerce version make sure you confirm with us that the plugin does support the new version.


  • provides the following plugins as a service to our clients.
  • The responsibility to ensure that the integration is working correctly rests with the client.
  • does not accept responsibility for any errors in pricing, addresses or any other part of the collivery process which may not work correctly.
  • By downloading the attached plugins the clients accepts the above conditions and will not in any way hold responsible for errors.
  •’s integration team will provide all assistance to the client in the integration process and, where possible, will provide technical support to the client.


  • The MDS API and all of its plugins do not support international deliveries, this ability is on our wish list and we will notify once we have started development.
  • This plugin modifies the Woocommerce address fields which prevents you from allowing non South African addresses being captured on the Billing and Shipping address, if you wish to sell products to anyone outside of South Africa you will not be able to do so.


Installation is as simple as downloading the plugin to a destination on your computer and then browsing through to your admin section in WooCommerce and then clicking on Plugins, once you are there you click on the Add New button at the top of the page and then select the upload tab and then click on browse and select the plugin file you downloaded and then click on open. Once it has been installed click on Activate Plugin. That’s it, the plugin is installed and ready for action.


All our settings are located in WooCommerce admin section -> settings page under Shipping tab.

The plugin has some wonderful customizable settings

  • Ability to change the wording of the the MDS delivery methods.
  • Select which payment methods you want activated and how much mark-up per method
  • New free delivery method which can be customized according to your clients shopping cart total and also only allow this free delivery method for local deliveries. MDS determines local deliveries by determining if both the collection and delivery address belong to the same MDS hub group, if you have any questions regarding hub groups you can contact MDS customer services.
  • Enable or disable the automated processing feature.
  • Include risk cover, MDS offers risk cover on the contents of your delivery by up to R10000.00. You can set a threshold of cart total at which risk cover can be applied (Only available in the latest version)

That’s all the configuring we need to go through, the rest should be self explanatory.

Shipping Zones Configuration

Our plugin is compatible with shipping zones, however you can only have it assigned to South Africa, you cannot use it to only select some provinces in South Africa.

Usage Examples

Shop Integration (Client)

On the clients end there is only one change the plugin has made, this being the default fields in your clients billing and shipping address. These fields are required by the plugin in order to get prices from We have added towns, suburbs and location types to the fields.

Admin Interfaces

This section is the last and final part to the plugin, in this section you the admin will be able to view orders that have not been confirmed as of yet.

Our first function is located in your WooCommerce edit order page. In the edit page on the top right under order actions in the drop down list, there is an option called Confirm MDS Shipping.

If you select that option and click Save Order you will be taken a page where you can edit details of the order, get prices and accept the delivery which passes the delivery on to

Here you will be able to change collection address and destination address as well as the delivery service. You can even include some written instructions for the driver and add additional parcels.

Once you have accepted the delivery the delivery will be sent to and the order status will be changed to processing and you will be redirected back to the edit order page in WooCommerce.

If "automatically send the delivery to" is enabled in the settings the above is automatically done for you, but you can still use the option Confirm MDS Shipping to view what information was sent to MDS, but you will not be allowed to submit that delivery request again.

The delivery is now saved and you can gain access to it by clicking on MDS Confirmed link under the WooCommerce menu item.

Here you can view all past deliveries. If you click on one of the deliveries you then have access to parcel images, proof of deliveries and tracking information for each delivery.

Automatically create Colliveries on payment

This feature runs when ever a payment gateway calls the woocommerce payment_complete() function or if you manually change the status to processing. As soon as this automated process begins, it will check if the order has already been processed and if not we will send the request to MDS. Some things to keep in mind with this feature, the collection address used will always be the default address linked to your MDS account. Also if your client changes any details to their address a new address will be created in MDS system so this automated process might fill up your list of addresses.

Free delivery

Free delivery feature

Free delivery feature has been modified and split into three options - No free delivery, Shipping Discount and Free delivery

No free delivery

Free shipping is disabled, and clients will always pay the full shipping cost.

Shipping discount - New

This will allow you to give clients discount on their shipping fee based on the total cart value. This gives you more control in planning your product markup when trying to subsidise shipping cost. If you are adding on average a 10% markup on all your products, and willing to give up to 8% away to subsidise the shipping cost, a client with a total cart value of R1000 will receive a maximum of R80 off his shipping fee. In other words, if the shipping fee is R80 or less, the client will receive "free shipping", otherwise, if the shipping fee is R100, the client will only have to pay R20 for shipping. This ensures that you never make a loss when trying to subsidise the shipping cost on behalf of your client, while still giving your client the best value for money.

Free delivery

Offer your client completely free shipping when their cart total exceeds the minimum required cart total

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